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My COVID notes

How to deal with Covid (from Missy’s research and experience)


Listen to YOUR body and find the path of health that works for you.

Cold shower every morning (and after exercise, and after infrared sauna if you are so lucky)

Daily yoga/meditation

Minimal fruit—only local, in season, organic if any. No fruit juice (unless it is local and fresh)

1000mg Vit C, 2-3 times/day (EmergenC is nice bc you can drink it on empty stomach, and it won’t hurt your stomach)

Zinc 50mg daily

Quercetin 500 mg daily

Vit D3 125 mcg (make sure it’s in oil). Sunlight—as much as possible in your eyes (no glasses) 2 hours after sunrise and/0or 2 hours before sunset. Also on skin (no UV rays at those times so no sunscreen needed).

Grass fed ghee daily

Good night sleep with no WIFI (consider turning off router, or get Blueshield plug in). No computer/phone/LED (blue light) within 2 hours of bedtime. Get enough sleep where you do not need an alarm to wake up. If you go to bed too late, start new habit by waking up earlier. Read a book in bed using amber or red light to help fall asleep.

Minimal time on social media and mainstream news

I take Protandim NRF1 And NRF2 and Probiotic daily

If you start to get sick (do everything listed above, plus):

Increase Vit C to 2,000 3 times a day

Magnesium (I use the CALM powder—1-2 tablespoons) 1-2 times/day. (I added that to EmergenC also)

Turmeric powder or Qunol liquid (I added that to EmergenC also) twice/day

Beet Powder (Nitric Oxide) (I added that to EmergencC also) twice/day

Quercetin 1000mg 3 times/day

Red Marine Algae 2-3 times/day (I took 2 caps)

Dandelion root—tea 3 times/day or pill form, 1 pill 3 times/day

Tylenol (not NSAID) if needed for pain/aches/fever/headache. Cool washcloth is better. Let low grade temp stay, only take Tylenol to decrease fever if it gets over 101, or you are really hurting. 1000mg really helps me with sleep.

“Lung Tonic” pills or tincture twice/day

“Deep Health” and/or Four Sigmatic “Defend”—I did both. Deep Health one pill twice/day, and Four Sigmatic scoop in my coffee. These are blends of medicinal mushrooms.

Oregano oil capsule twice/day

Consider baby aspirin daily

Cough: olive leaf and mullein twice/day. And suck on Thieves lozenges (from Young Living) or any with clove (diffuse and ingest)

Chlorophyll liquid or tablets (I did not take bc I was not short of breath nor did I turn blue)

Drink tea 2-3 times a day with local honey (and some lemon if you like).

Dandelion, Turmeric/ginger, Breath Easy, anything with Tulsi

Consider nightly melatonin (I like Trader Joes sleep aid with melatonin, 5HTP and L-Tyrosine)

Do not eat dairy or drink cold drinks

Keep moving your body around, slowly and gently, several times/day

Bath with Epsom salt (which is actually magnesium)

Open window at night for fresh air (turn heat down to 60 degrees max)

Stay in location where you don’t need to wear a mask, and if you MUST, wear N95

Do slow deep breathing exercises (consider retaining breath while doing spinal flexes).

Listen to your body. Eat only when hungry, sleep when tired, but keep drinking tea all day.

My COVID symptoms began with scratchy throat and sniffles 4 days after (most probably) exposure. The next morning (day 2), I awoke with a low grade fever, and I spent all day on the couch with fever coming and going, congested nose. No other symptoms. My fever came and went for 3-5 days. Otherwise, I didn’t feel very sick at all, but I was not up for doing any yoga (!!). I would feel a bit tired and achy in the evening, and took Tylenol every night. I thought I was all better but then on day 8 I developed a cough and lost taste/smell. I added the Quercetin, beet powder, and Red Marine Algae at that time (I had just learned about those) and improved until day 13. My smell/taste returned on day 12, then left on 13, then came back on 14. ON day 14 I felt totally better (except a bit of cough) so I started decreasing the frequency and dosages. By day 16 feel AMAZING, 100% better. Taste and smell have returned. Had best yoga session since the start of symptoms. That is how I know I am better.

David and Tristan and I did nothing to “isolate” in our own house. On my day 7, David awoke with high fever, sore throat, malaise. He was down for the count for 2 days. He started all of these supplements right away. By day 4 he had minimal (like mine) symptoms… feeling a tiny bit sick, with fleeting low grad fever, occasional headache, feeling “off”. He was completely better by day 7. Never lost smell or taste.

There were a couple times around days 5-8 where I moved to fast (like putting away laundry while talking on phone) I felt a little short of breath for a minute. That happened a couple times. I got scared. But I sat down and did slow deep breaths. That is all gone now.

Tristan lives with us, and did nothing to isolate from us. He has tested negative (self-swab supervised by me so I know it was correct) on the PCR, and remains in the clear. He has started taking a few of these supplements.

We got pretty loose poops from all these herbs. I lost all my Christmas pigout weight (5 pounds), and “Sober January”(I have heard this is a thing) has been very easy HAHAHA!!

I hope this helps. There is lots of research supporting these supplements… go down that rabbit hole on the internet. Much more fun than so many other rabbit holes. Oh, and then there are Chinese Herbs! I saw some AMAZING research from China with excellent results.

Feel free to call, text, or email with any questions, and forward to whoever you want.

Love, Missy 1/19/21 (530)828-4904

PS: construction is still going. By the time we can do in-person Kundalini classes, my new home studio in Paradise will be ready (I HOPE!!). stay posted. Ravi

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