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Kundalini Yoga

is the yoga Consciousness, which comes through each person's own experience. There is no goal other than to have your own experience! This technology was brought to the U.S. in anticipation of today's technology overload, daily stress, and climate crisis.  Kundalini is a very effective means of building a strong nervous system in order to thrive in these chaotic times.  Come experience it for yourself. 

Missy (Ravi Taran) Barnard, RN

Certified Yoga Instructor, studying yoga, health, and spirituality for 30 years.

She practiced Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa for 20 years, until her back pain prohibited her from any physical asana practice.  In 2016 she discovered Kundalini Yoga and has been actively practicing ever since.  In 2018 she obtained her Kundalini Teacher certification and is actively working to share the technology and healing properties of Kundalini Yoga in Paradise.

Missy was the Director of the Emergency Department in Paradise until the Campfire struck in November 2018. She is actively participating in the rebuilding of Paradise. She helped build her own house and healing space/studio in her garage.

She has the passion, wisdom, and experience to help you find your BEST SELF.  Her balanced approach to life includes assessing everything that you take into your body, and all that comes out of it. Experience her yoga classes or consider 1:1 sessions (health coaching and 1:1 yoga instruction, or customize experience with infrared sauna, cold plunge, etc.), and explore your eating, moving, breathing, thinking, and speaking habits to move through what is holding you back.  Heal and be blissful!





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